A guide to home grown herbs & vegetables

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Grow herbs in pots, containers and greenhouses

How to Grow Herbs

Growing herbs from seed or seedlings does not have to be complicated.

Our easy to follow guides will have you growing and harvesting your own herbs sooner than you think.

Grow garden vegetables

Growing garden vegetables

Use our easy to follow tips, tricks and guides to grow and harvest your own garden vegetables.

We show you how to grow vegetables in pots, containers, greenhouses and vegetable gardens.

Look after your herbs, vegetables and plants for plentiful harvests

Plant care

Learn how to look after your herbs, vegetables and plants for healthy growth and plentiful harvests.

We work to have an organic and sustainable approach to all plants we grow and harvest.

Learn to grow in soil, water and other growing mediums

Growing mediums & Hydroponics

Most gardeners use soil to grow herbs and vegetables.

Learn about soil and other growing mediums. Discover hydroponics and harvest fresh herbs and vegetables year-round.

Learn from our projects and experiments and elevate your knowledge

projects & Experiments

Every now and then we get an idea.

Read about projects such as how to grow tomatoes and avocado trees from supermarket produce.

Our Latest Articles

How to grow, harvest and preserve herbs and garden vegetables. Learn how you too can have fresh greens and herbs year-round!

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Grow, harvest, preserve and use lavender from your garden

How to grow lavender from seeds

A traditional country garden is not complete without the vibrant herb lavender. And that’s why we encourage even beginner gardeners to grow lavender from seeds each year. Even if you have …
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Hydroponics for beginners

Welcome to the wonderful world of hydroponics for beginners.  Hydroponics is defined as the “process of growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid, with added nutrients but without soil” by Oxford …
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