Click and Grow & how you can grow indoors year-round with ease

If you are a returning visitor, you know that I enjoy getting my hands dirty. And this goes for both indoor and outdoor gardening.

But I also do enjoy things that just work.

And here today, I will introduce you to one such out-of-the-box growing system called Click and Grow.

A bit of history, I first came across Click and Grow when a friend who worked for IKEA tried one of the 3-station systems at his home. He grew basil and did so with great success.

I was also growing basil with success. But he spent no time looking after his plants. He simply supplied water when indicated, but he system,m and then moved on with his day. I would not say it annoyed me, but since I remember the feeling, there is, of course, something there.

Over the next couple of weeks to months, I will publish a series of articles and videos on the Click and Grow system and take you through ordering, setup, installation, planting, and who I think it is for.

  • Ordering Click and Grow
  • Installation of Click and Grow
  • Planting with Click and Grow
  • Who is Click and Grow for?
  • What Click and Grow does well and not so well
  • Click and Grow for absolute beginners
  • Using Click and Grow seed pods or another substrate
  • Cost, is it worth it?

If you want to learn more about Click and Grow, you can learn more here.

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